Monday, February 21, 2011

Thoughts on teachers and the Department of Education

Why do we continue to fund the Department of Education? It seems to me that the teachers protesting the Governor of Wisconsin are a very real cross section of the whole education system. The "it's all about me" mentality has invaded our educators and is being taught in our schools. Our students now feel as if ANY act we try to lay on them is outside of what is acceptable. They have forgotten their only job is to learn. They don't realize that by not learning, they are setting themselves up to be replaced by foreign labor forces.

Why do we continue to fund the Department of Education. It seems the protesters in Wisconsin are indicative of the teachers across America. We want the cake but don't want to pay for the ingredients. I am sure they know that they have it easy and have had it easy for far to long. Is it really too much to ask that you pay a part of your own health care or put in to your own retirement? Are you really willing to admit you are that childish? Evidently they are.

Why do we continue to fund the Department of Education? If I were to ask them if they feel they are doing a good job of educating our children, I am pretty sure they would say they are. Really? Why is it that according to, in 2003, educational testing in 41 countries of high school students revealed the following: Math - The U.S. upper mean rank was 25th, tied with Spain and Latvia. Some of the countries scoring higher included China, the Czech Republic, and Liechtenstein; Reading - The U.S. was surpassed by countries such as Belgium, South Korea, Finland, and the Netherlands; Science - The U.S. ranked below many countries including the Slovak Republic, Hungary, and Iceland. Perhaps we should pay according to success and not effort?

Maybe we should dismantle the Department of Education. It appears they aren't educating anyone except their workers in how to think of themselves above all else and rewarding failure. Wow!! That sounds like Government as usual.

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