Monday, February 14, 2011

Rambling again.

We have had new leadership in the House for a few months now so I thought I should post some thoughts about how I think things have gone. or not gone for that matter.

It appears as though the freshman class of representatives have quite a bot of gumption. They seem to be steering the "old guard" towards a more conservative approach to governance. Which is fine by me.

The Republicans had better listen to their constituency because just as surely as we voted them into power in November, we can vote NEW Republican leadership into power in the future.

If the new Republican leadership wants to impress EVERYONE, Republican or Democrat, there are a few things they could do.

1) Get rid of their "retirement" from just serving one term. How is it they deserve 100% retirement after one term when our men and women in uniform serve 20 years and only get 50% ? Can anyone explain that to me? Mr Speaker? Any thoughts?

2) Dissolve the Department of Education. They aren't educating anyone except the union anyway. Obviously our nations test scores haven't gotten any better since their inception. Another failed experiment that we keep funding.

3) Pass the Fair Tax.

4) Pass legislation limiting Congress to two terms. Two terms period. Two terms in your lifetime. Two terms with no caveats.

5) Require our legislators to use the new government funded health care OR pay for their own health care. They are not any better than we are.

6) Repeal Obamacare.

7) Privatize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Government shouldn't be in the business of being in business. They can't get healthcare right. They can't get social security right. Why would you think they can get mortgages right?!

8) O yeah and last but not least... BREAK THE LAW, DO YOUR TIME!! tell me that if anyone of of us citizens had a "tax issue" that we wouldn't have been hauled off yet they get to get a hand slap. Sorry, a censure. Excuse me. yeah, a hand slap.


  1. You better ramble onto the Fairtax fine print and see what total garbage you support.

    I guarantee if had any clue what this farce is, you would be ashamed you were fooled.

  2. So we continue down the road we're on? I guess we should since it works so well.