Friday, February 18, 2011

The State of The Unions

So lets see if I have this right.

1) Teachers don't want to contribute to their retirement OR pay a small portion of their medical insurance.
2) The President feels like he needs to pipe up on a state problem?
3) OUT OF STATE people feel like they have the need to pipe up for an in state issue?
4) The hateful, name calling, vitriolic left accuse the right of being hateful, name callers and vitriolic but don't see the signs they themselves are carrying comparing a Governor to Hitler or the sign with cross-hairs on the Governors face?
5) AND to top it off the Democrat congressman run from their sworn duty, out of state just to avoid a vote?

Did I miss anything?

I am wondering what would happen to military men and women if they ran out when it was time for them to do their duty? Because if I recall correctly, congressman and congresswomen take an oath as well. And yet when they betray that oath nothing happens. If a military man or woman ran out on their duty or failed to uphold their oath, it is a serious offense. So why is it different for congress?

I truly believe America is waking up to the problem with unions.

What do unions do for me that I can't do for myself OR current laws don't do.
-They negotiate for me for more pay. You can't speak for yourself?
-They keep me form being frivolously being fired. You can't work hard and make yourself indispensable at work?
-They help me save for retirement. All I can say is 401(k).

The day of the union is long passed. It is time for the antiquated unions to just go the way of the do do bird.

I applaud the Governor of Wisconsin for having the gall to do what needs to be done. The kids (democrats) are gone and left a mess for the adults (republicans) to clean up. When the kids get home, they are going to be mad because things aren't cleaned up as they would like and then they will have the nerve to whine and complain.

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