Thursday, November 4, 2010

And the hits just keep on comin!!

Harry Reid continues his Grey tour. And what is that you ask? Well what he says isn’t technically a lie but it is extremely mis-directive. So it seems he hasn’t learned anything from this last election except his district is full of sheep that will follow the shepherd with the largest horn!

He continues his tirade about the party of “No”. As if they have held up so much legislation that would have changed the political or the economic landscape. If I recall the House of Representatives has been under the control of the Democrat party for a while now and in the Senate they held 59 Seats as of 2008 with 2 Independents helping them along. So what does all that mean? Well 1) it isn’t all Bush’s fault as the Congress that held the paycheck was run by the Democrats, 2) The party of “No” was irrelevant as the Democrats can and did pass whatever they liked without the Republicans and 3) the complete control of Congress and the White House allowed them to spend money like a drunk sailor on a weekend liberty and then turn around and attempt to blame it on the Republicans because they wouldn’t work with the Democrats.

Even if the debt inherited by Obama was all Bush’s fault the fact that it has quadrupled in his term means that he can “blame” 2 TRILLION of it on Bush but not the other 12 Trillion. That was spent under his administration and under his party’s Congress.

Again I ask how is the party of “No” even relevant. What did they do to try and reign in spending? Nothing. Because there was nothing they could do! The President pretended to invite them to the table but it was a dog and pony show for his press release and his fawning media so they wouldn’t lose the tingly feeling in their leg! At no point was he really going to include them.

Harry Reid and his party’s arrogance are what turned the election. It wasn’t the Republicans. The United States as a whole are quickly growing tired of politicians, NOT politics. To our very core, we enjoy a good fight or argument. Heck we were born out of political discourse. But we tire of the Grayson type politicians who show absolutely zero sense of common decency or decorum. We tire of watching groups like N.O.W. endorse politicians who would allow their staffers to call a woman a whore yet claim to be the National Organization for Women! Does anyone else see the hypocrisy?

You see the left has grown a nation of entitlement junkies and they know in order to survive politically they need to enable the addiction. So they pass “health care reform” when under all the pages it is in reality Socialized medicine. And for who? It wasn’t for me. It was for the people who sit at home, collect welfare and refuse to get up off the couch, turn off Oprah and get a job! Want a job or need a paycheck? The military is always hiring! You get training, a job, a paycheck and insurance! It is time to fix the leaky faucet that is Welfare! Two years to collect it and then you are cut off. Why 2 years? Because in 2 years you can get an Associate Degree and get a better job. No money for college? The military will give you the GI Bill IF you can stay out of trouble for 4 years AND you can go while you are on active duty. There are grants and loans galore so don’t tell me you can’t get money for college!

I’ll get off my soapbox now.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What a night!!

Election 2010 is just about over. There are a few recounts that will occur and some are still counting initially but a few things have crossed my mind since.

The people have spoken and done so with quite a loud voice. Rand Paul won his election in Kentucky and had the backing of the Tea Party. Marc Rubio won in Florida and he was endorsed by the Tea Party. The republicans took many seats back they lost in 2006 and 2008 and even got a few new ones. The message to the Democrats was sent and only time will tell if they received and read it. I doubt it. I truly doubt that the Democrats will take their party back from the socialist invaders. This Democrat party isn’t the same party as the late President John F Kennedy.

By the same token, the Republicans must write a few notes and put them on their refrigerator. They need to daily remind themselves why this fight existed to begin with. They took control and went on a spending spree just like the Democrats did and look what happened. They need to remain fiscally conservative and learn to operate within the means of the government as well as shrinking governmental size.

BOTH sides must remember one thing that was clearly evident this election cycle. We voted you in and we can vote you out. The time for political stupidity is long past. They must absolutely listen to their districts and forget their party affiliation. Right? Well not so fast. The party conventions doled out MILLIONS in election dollars to get people elected. To turn their back on their national convention would be suicide. BUT the people voted them in and so it follows that they must be the final voice they hear. Keep the voters engaged. Let them feel as if they can be heard AND listened to and that is a recipe for success next go ‘round.

So where do we go from here? The President now has to honestly learn to work with the other side of the aisle. He was given no choice by the people. They voted many of them, to tell him to knock it off, we don’t like it and we don’t want it. Did he hear them? Who knows? Only he and his inner circle know for sure but the fact still remains that he must work with his “enemies” otherwise he is a do nothing President. It remains to be seen whether our President will offer a hardy congratulatory handshake or just give empty lip service. Regardless of how he proceeds one thing is certain, the offer of bipartisanship must come from him and it must be an honest offer. His next two years will require help from the Republicans otherwise the bog dog has just been politically neutered.