Friday, December 3, 2010

DREAM Act? For who?

Ahh the DREAM Act. Whose dream? Not mine.

If somebody made me Dictator for a day, this would be my "DREAM Act".

Illegal aliens could become citizens in one way: Serve in the US Military for 6 years and complete it honorably. That is it. You want to benefit from the service of millions before you, then it is time for you to prove that you are loyal to the US. Does it prove conclusively that they are loyal? Nope. But neither does any other method we use.

By requiring military service, they also have access to college while they serve at a reduced out of pocket expense using tuition assistance Want the GI Bill for after you separate? Give us 8 years. Not fair you tell me? So what?! You're here illegally and if you want it bad enough, you should have to work for it. After all, you want to become a citizen of my country. We will make it possible but we won't make it easy. It should cost you. It should require some blood, sweat and tears. After all, our forefathers paid the price of blood, sweat and tears. Why should it cost you any less?

Already serving? Fantastic. Welcome aboard the good ship America. Finish your time, complete the citizen test and then swear your oath. I will be the first one to welcome you to your new home.