Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So I have to list things in order to make sure I get it right.

1) Japan is about to melt off into the ocean unless the Nuclear plants can be handled in a quick and safe manner.
2) Muammar Qaddafi is killing his citizens at an alarming rate.
3) The whole Middle East needs to be paid attention to, NOT just Libya.
4) The US Economy is bleeding and dying quickly.

And I am sure there are other things I could mention but I have to stop the list at some point.

And all the while the Presidents list of "Things I need to do" grows he is actively doing absolutely nothing. O wait. I am wrong. He is doing something and that is filling out his March Madness Bracket sheet. Now that is truly Presidential. Much more important than anything listed above. Who makes it out of the 1st round in the NCAA is so much more important than reassuring Israel we stand with them.

I'm not convinced that this POTUS thinks that way. Meaning, I am not sure that he truly sees our standing in view of the whole world as an important issue. I truly believe that he thinks it is much more important than discussing the Qaddafi issue or taking a stand and dealing with the US Economy.

When is this guy going to start acting like the POTUS and not a senator who gets the house while the parents are gone?

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