Thursday, December 24, 2009

Alan Grayson is Nuts? -

Alan Grayson is Nuts -

Alan Grayson wants the "owner" of the web site arrested, charged, convicted and put away for 5 years. He wants her gone so bad that he has contacted the Attorney General of the US to have her investigated, charged, convicted and put away.

She must have hit a nerve. Maybe you should watch what you say Congressman. Maybe you should listen to the people who elected you. granted, she is not in your district, but I would be willing to bet that she is not the only person who feels that way. I am sure there are people in your district who feel that way. I am pretty sure they have contacted you about it as well. I can't prove it, but it is a pretty solid guess on my part.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Who will step up?

Who will step up? Will it be a lone Democrat voice? Probably not. They are either too scare to speak out against the Chicago political machine or are blindly being pulled along by the party line
Who will step up? Will it be the Republicans? Probably not. They have become so beholden to the "upper crust" of the right wing that the average citizen's voice can no longer be heard over the financial ravings of the right wing elite.
Who will step up? Will it be a lone Independent? Maybe. The Democrats have been taken over by the far left. The Republicans have been taken over by the Democrat lites or the right leaning centrists. The far right are labeled as kooks while the far left are labeled as caring, wanting to help the down-trodden. So, I believe, it will be the independent minded politician who has a chance. One who very well may be middle of the road, but realizes that both Democrats and Republicans are as out of touch with the "man on the street" as you can possible be.
So will it be a man like Joe Lieberman, a person who anyone who has the most remote political knowledge knows is an independent.
Or will it be someone born out of a grass roots political movement who has no political background? Will we see someone with the juevos to stand and be counted. A lone political voice screaming into the Washington elite whirlwind hopping to be heard.
Our forefathers founded this nation. Not literally, I know that, but they spent hours debating the documents that have defined our nation for over 200 years and until recently, we as Americans lived and died by. Now we are "led" by people/parties/ideologies that want to "fundamentally transform" America. We are "represented" by men and women who refuse to meet with the very people who they represent. We are made fun of, trivialized and flat out ignored. No one in either party has what it takes to call a spade a spade. And when they do get some semblance of a backbone, the national media ignores it or jumps on the bandwagon and joins in the name calling.
Washington, you had better wise up. To the parties in Washington I would say this...
Democrats-Wise up. The road you are dragging us down will lead to your demise. America, for the most part, has spoken up, yet you have chosen to play the ostrich and have stuck your head in the sand thinking that if you can't hear us we must not be speaking.
Republicans-Wise up. You had better start campaigning now if you expect to take over next year. Our President started campaigning 2 years ago and has not stopped. And IF you happen to take control next year, you had better be what I and many others hope you can be and should be. PROVE TO US that you are indeed fiscally responsible, PROVE TO US that you indeed want to make our borders more secure, PROVE TO US that you want to improve our economy by not spending us into oblivion.
The question is do either the GOP or the Democrats still think the Constitution means anything?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

WTOC in Savannah, Ga

It is about time someone said it!!

You want to prosecute who?!

We ask our men and women to go forth and protect our interests. We put them in harms way knowing they may need to lay down their life for our country or people from other countries in the hopes of delivering the ultimate Christmas present, freedom and democracy. When they do go forth and do what we ask, we in turn believe some cowardly bully from another country who openly admits he hates America and what we stand for. He admits he would willingly die for a chance to kill one American citizen. Does anyone honestly believe that 3 SEALS hurt one lowly Jihadist? If they were going to put a hurtin on this guy, a fat lip would be the least of his worries.
This is one of those times when we should stand up and speak up. Do so by signing a petition to stop the prosecution of those brave men and let them go back to doing what they do best. That is not dying for their country but making others die for theirs.