Monday, May 9, 2011

OBL is gone

The dust has settled and we have all gotten back to work.  Osama Bin Laden is dead and the world continues to spin.  The left is beside their self.  How can they admit that the intelligence that helped locate him was put in place by the previous administration.  Water boarding, evidently, works.  How can they admit that what they hold to be vile and completely reprehensible got us information that led to the killing of the most wanted man in the US?  Answer?  They can't.  They have all but let that small piece of info go un-noticed.  Instead now we hear them questioning his killing.  They are wondering why we didn't take him alive.  I ask the same question. BUT hold on a second.....
Did he cut our citizens any slack in 2001?  I didn't think so.  He didn't try to take any of them alive nor did any of his henchmen.  But we're better than that.  Yeah.  We are.  And I'm all about turning the other cheek.  But at some point I stop letting you slap me and at some point I stop letting you taunt me.  At some point he has to pay the band if he wants to dance.
He paid alright.  I'd like to ask him how he is enjoying his 72 virgins or however many he gets.  Did he get everything the prophet said he would?