Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Political Rant

Dictionary.com defines traitor as “1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust. 2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country. “Right now our country is being run by a House of Representatives and a congress that, one could argue, is full of traitors. They were elected to represent the people in their district. NOT their party or their fellow congressman. Yet every day the news shows us and tells us that the exact opposite is true. BOTH parties act in their own political self interest and do whatever it takes to stay in office.

According to the Social Security web site "There will be no increase in Social Security benefits payable in January 2010, nor will there be an increase in SSI payments.” However, they have seen fit to fund electronic medical records to the tune of $24,000,000. In the economic uncertain times we are in, shouldn’t we trust our seasoned citizens with their own money? Wouldn’t that $24,000,000 be better off in the hands of the public?

We elected them to represent us and it seems clear to me that the majority of Americans want them to slow down. Health care didn’t get bloated or distorted overnight and so we shouldn’t try to fix it overnight. I believe that the Republicans have the right idea. Health insurance portability is an idea whose time has come. We should be able to shop nation wide for coverage and get the best price.

I believe trial lawyers have driven up the cost of health care by too many frivolous law suits. I also believe that some people need to be compensated for unfair or downright bad care. Why can’t we have a board of medical practitioners, one from all disciplines, to decide who gets what? A board of Dr’s that decide whether the care was good or bad and then that decision decides how and if the law suit moves forward. Bad care or bad surgery, move along and sue away. Not bad care, just bad luck? Sorry law suit limit of $$250,000. Ok, maybe not a board. Maybe go to a pseudo-trial with a “jury” of Dr’s. The case gets argued on nothing but the fact of did you or did you not get bad care. Did the Dr in question commit malpractice?

I also believe we have people who need health insurance who cannot get it and we need a plan to get them covered. BUT we do not need to add more government bureaucracy to do so. So if you want to create another government agency, then you need to get rid of one that already exists. Or severely trim back a current agency to pay for the new one.

However this health care debate turns out, I am sure that the vast majority of Americans will not like it. Many don’t like it now and it hasn’t even been voted on. Congress needs to listen and if they don’t, we need to vote them out this year! Congress hasn’t been listening for quite a while. IF they won’t listen to our voices, they damn well will listen to our votes. Whether you agree with their political stand /ideology or not, they need term limits and we cannot wait on them to do the right thing and make them happen. We have to give them term limits from the voting booth.

It is past the time to get involved. Read every line of information you can. We don’t rely on one spice in our food so don’t rely on one source for news and information. It is time that the citizens took back our country from the political robots who have hi-jacked it. We need to remind them that they represent us and our wants not theirs. We need to let them know that in the immortal words of Twisted Sister, We’re not gonna take it. No we ain’t gonna take it. We’re not gonna take it, anymore!