Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Blame Game

So who is the party to blame? Here we are about one year overdue for a budget and we still don’t have one. Do we blame the Democrats? We could, after all they were in control of both the House and the Senate and failed to yield a budget. Do we blame the Republicans? We could, after all they refuse to cave in to the Democrats. What about the President? We could, after all he is showing ZERO leadership in the whole matter. So how about we spread the wealth. How about we point the finger at all three? Democrats left the house and senate in disarray by not passing a budget. Republicans are taking a moral stand and giving very little yet are vehemently pointing the accusatory finger at the Democrats. The president said nothing to HIS OWN PARTY when they failed to yield a budget almost one year ago. Or should we blame ourselves? After all we left Harry Reid in office and elected John Boehner and President Obama. We, the American public, continue to vote in the same worthless bunch of non-job getting, not-my-money spending, don’t care a hoot about the public except around election, NON vote giving (President Obama then Senator Obama), lawyers into office. After all, where else do you give yourself a raise, get lifetime retirement benefits after a measly few years in your job and work as little as they do? How many months off do they get during the year? How many jobs can you NOT do your job and still keep that job? (See no budget resolution in 2011) It is time the public stood up or shut up. Vote out the useless junk we have sitting in Washington DC “representing” us and put people in with a term limit with no lifetime benefits at all! We need to take back OUR Government. We are not represented by anyone on either side of the aisle. They are too busy politically maneuvering for re-election that they won’t do what we, their constituency tell them to do. But they won’t. America is full of sheep who complain all year or all term and then yank by either the D or the R come Election Day with no thought ot the outcome. America, you got what you asked for. Enjoy it.

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