Thursday, April 7, 2011

Man up!

It's time to man up.  Often people get told 1/2 truths.  Whether by politicians or in the newspaper or even in school, "truth" is told using the lense of a political or religous ideology.  And people fall for it.  When they get told what they want to hear, the take it as truth and run with it.  Even research can miss the real "truth"  And so ti goes with me.  I wrote a paper in College regarding hte FairTax and did a lot of research.  or so I thought....  No more IRS, no more April 15 nonsense of rushing to mail off my tax check lke the other 40% of America, no more non-tax payers getting refunds.  BUT wait a minute.  That sounds too good to be true.  Well guess what..... 

"Under our plan, all city and state governments will pay to the federal government a tax on all their spending--on all their purchases, on services and goods, including labor (wages)."  Fairtax Answer Book, Page 138. 

That means California would pay roughly $17 BILLION to the Federal Gov't.  Texas would owe roughly $11 BILLION.  SOURCE  Nobody mentioned that part.  They also didn't mentipon taxing city and county Governments, taxing ALL pay, cancer surgery, nursing home care, life insurance premiums, car insurance premiums.  It appears that there is no "fair" tax.  SOURCE

So the jury is out till I can do more digging and sort it all out.  Who is right and who is wrong?  Is it indeed a FAIR tax?  We'll see.


  1. Good job.

    This is not a question of who is right vs wrong. I thought that early on -- well this is just wrong or mistaken.

    No - it's a farce. It's not a sincere plan. It's own leaders have no intention of passing it, or even of allowing hearings under oath about it.

    You debate issues, not farces. You expose a farce.
    This is a farce. And it took me a while to figure that out -- it's not like other tax plans at all.

    This massive tax on city and states, they put in ONE word in their fine print. They didn't even give it a sentence! They slipped in one word, one single word,.

    Let me quote a Q and A section from my blog.

    Q. How do you justify this massive tax on all city and state governments?
    A. It's in our bill.

    Q. Where in the bill?
    A. It's in our definition of a person.

    Q. What do you mean, your "definition of a person"?
    A. We define city government, state governments, all government -- as a person.

    Q. You are kidding.
    A. No, see our bill.

    Q. I have read your bill, several times. I didn't notice.
    A. See section 2 (a) subsection 7.

    Q. I have to go see section 2a. subsection 7 to find out about this second tier of taxation?
    A. Yes.

    When they described what a "person" is -- they gave a list of things, like "estates, trusts" and then they put in the SINGLE WORD -- "government".

    Now, realize Fairtax spokesmen were BRAGGING to me that they had the power to tax governments. I was telling them, you can't do that. And they were like, "Oh yes we can -- and here is proof".

    That's right --their "proof" is their own sneaky fine print, which list government as a person.

    I read this five times and didnt notice that. Only when Fairtax leaders sent me "proof" that government could pay taxes, did I see this. They pointed it out to me!

    It's so sneaky, so hidden, you could read that time and time again, and not notice.

    But that single word is what Fairtax leaders say is how they tax all city and state governments.

    They just put this magic word "government" in their "Definition of a person" section.

    Really amazing.

    Now, do you think that was accidental?

    Once you realize this -- and it came from Fairtax spokesmen -- you know it's goofy. It is not on the level.

    All that "research" is based on getting this trillion plus dollars from city and states! And this trillion dollars is based on that ONE word, snuck into that fine print, the "definition of a person"

    Oh, when you confront them, they say "Of course! Of course -- it's only fair."

    No -- it's only goofy. And that is why they hid it.

    That is not even the only absurdity - there are others. But this is so extreme, so goofy, that if this doesn't expose the farce, nothing will.

    They hid one word in the fine print, and then pretend that means Los Angeles will pay 600 million, that Texas state goverment will pay 9 billion -- the list is just astonishing.

    Do they tell Los Angeles? Do they tell the states?

    HECK NO --- they put it one word so that no one would know!

    They were never going to have hearings under oath. They would no more try to sell this under oath than Bernie Maddoff would ask for a real audit of his investments.

    Fairtax leaders know it's nonsense. There are some well meaning gullible souls (I was one) that believes it, but they don't know the fine print, and they don't know the Fairtax spokesmen own explanation for the goofy fine print.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. And realize, these guys lied their asp off. This is not a sincere plan, and they knew it.

    What does this say for how goofy somethings can be, yet people buy into them, because it seems great.

  2. Oh, you say you live in a country of socialist and communist, etc.

    You apparently don't realize that you vote for everyone from your dog cathcer, to your school board, to your tax asessor, to your judges, to your everything.

    I doubt any nation on earth has more levels of elected folks.

    If you listen endlessly to those spewing hate and fear, you will naturally gravitate toward that view. Garbage in, garbage out.

    This mass hysteria about "evil others" and a diabolical plot to ruin everything, might well get attention --and if they say it loudly enough, often enough, and by people who have the gift of gab, others believe it. It becomes their truth.

    One thing I learned by this Fairtax nonsense -- people can be fed anything. Fairtax had all the right hustle -- an easy answer. (People love that).

    It had very dogmatic charismatic people pushing it -- none are better than Neil Boortz. This plan of his is absolutely goofy, and he knows it, but it does get cheers and people believe it.

    In this day of constant "news" and and endless hate mongering going on, it's hard to stay grounded.

    The truth matters, not what someone can scream to get attention, to rile the sheep. And then when you start to believe the "other side" is evil and up to no good, no matter what happens, you go "See-- that proves it".

    Most of this stuff, it depends on two things

    1) your social rewards, (what "group" you identify with)

    2) Your perspective.

    WHich is fine, but the truth matters most.